21 Happy Birthday Pun Card Ideas

Happy Birthday Pun Punny Cards

Pun Birthday Cards!

As well as all kinds of decorations like balloons and Cheap Banners, Happy birthday cards with a funny birthday pun are an absolute must for birthdays, but they are hard to find. Take a look at this list for birthday card ideas made to complement the perfect gift for someone that loves a good (or bad!) birthday pun. There are cards to match those 21st Birthday Gifts, or cards to go along with gifts for that food lover in your life – there are plenty to choose from, and these are just some of the examples.

For the wine enthusiast:

At My Age I Need Glasses birthday card

Wine gets only better with age! Wine-ot our birthdays too? This wine glasses joke pun design is also available in a matching t shirt, hoodie, case, skin, wall art, pillow, mug, bag and sticker.

For the Nintendo Super Mario Bros fan:

Nintendo Super Mario green mushroom birthday card pun

This NES Super Mario Bros Level up Green Mushroom birthday card idea is perfect for any 90’s retro video game nostalgia fan. Nintendon’t give a boring gift or birthday card. The Nintendo happy birthday design is also available in a matching t shirt, shirt, hoodie, case, skin, wall art, pillow, duvet cover, mug, bag, stationary and sticker. If these make you feel nostalgic for old Nintendo games, then sites like Gamulator.com still have the games available for you to play.

For your birthday pun:

Happy Bird Day Funny Birthday card pun

Happy Bird-Day! Bring your birthday wishes to the nest level with a unique happy birthday card with this bird pun. Also available as a case, skin, wall art, and stationary.

For the Friends show fan:

Friends show birthday card

The one with your birthday! This birthday card is perfect for any fan of the Friends tv show. The punny sign is also available as an art print, canvas print, and sticker. You Monican’t go wrong with any of them.

For the foodie:

Dim Sumbody Birthday Card Pun

Dim Sum-body say it’s your birthday? This funny happy birthday card is perfect for any fan of Chinese cuisine. Rice to the occasion and serve this delicious pun as an art print, canvas print, pillow, mug, bag, and notebook as well.

For the Heavy Metal fan:

Metallica Pun Kill 'em All album

Metallica Cake’Em All happy birthday card the hardcore Metallica fan! The birthday cake pun from the album Kill ‘Em All is one-of-a-kind. Seek & Destroy every other present!

For the Trumped:

Make America Great Again birthday card punTrump Gonna Be Huge Birthday card pun

Using The Donald for a birthday pun won’t get you deported. Giving a funny politics card will make their birthday great again. The laughs are going to be yuuuge!

For the literalist:

Freud Junger Pun Happy Birthday Card

I’m a Freud You’re Not Getting Any Junger happy birthday card. ID be nice to give this card for people who appreciate psycho-analysis. Also available as a t shirt, shirt, skin, wall art, mug, pillow, bag and stationary.

For the crude jokester:

Have a Ball Testicle Pun for Birthday

It’s Your Birthday, Have a Ball. Make sure they’re not testi on their special day and get them this funny birthday card. Also available as a t shirt, shirt, skin, wall art, mug, pillow, bag and stationary.

For the cute and simple:

Hippo Birdy Happy Birthday Cute Pun

Hippo Birdy birthday pun card. Don’t be hippocrite and go robbin‘ the joy of someone’s birthday with an unoriginal birthday card.

Happy Bee Day pun birthday card

Happy Bee Day! Truth bee told, everybody loves a funny pun card. As luck would hive it, this one is perfect and available to purchase.

For the extraordinary:

Eggstraordinary birthday card pun

Happy Birthday to someone eggs-traordinary! For that someone who’s egg-ceptional in your life, you can also buy a matching t shirt, wall art, mug, and stationary.

For the cuddly person:

Happy Bearthday card pun

Happy Bearthday! Tell them that you can’t bear to be without them on their birthday with this funny bear pun happy birthday card!

For the party animal:

Partying Mantis Pun Birthday Card

Meet the Partying Mantis! This insect pun happy birthday card won’t bug anyone.

For the cowboy:

Herd It Was Your Birthday card

So I herd it was your birthday! It’s best to get a card they’ll like, neigh, love! Pun happy birthday cards should be a stable in everybody’s card collection.

For the cat lover:

Have a Pawesome Birthday card

Have a Pawesome Birthday! Don’t get cat without a clever happy birthday card this year! Fur real 🙂

Kitty Birthday card pun

Wishing Mew A Happy Birthday! It’s im-paws-sible to go wrong with a cat pun happy birthday card. It’s purrfect.

For the fun guy:

Fun Guy Funghai pun

A Funghai pun for the fun guy! There’s no mushroom for error when it comes to getting a clever pun birthday card someone. Just to be sure, you can get the matching tshirt, hoodie, case, skin, wall art, pillow, mug, bag, sticker or notebook!

For the nostalgic Golden Girls fan:

Golden Girls Pun card

For the person you’re stone gold crazy about, get this punny birthday card that makes reference to the 90s hit show the Golden Girls theme song. Check out the artist’s work to find more funny Golden Girls double entendres.

For the beer fan:

Happy Beerthday card pun

Happy Beerthday! This beer pun happy birthday card is ale what it’s cracked up to be. You can also get the matching brewtiful t shirt, mug, tote bag, sticker, or notebook.

For the fishies:

Birthday Fishes pun birthday card

Birthday Fishes! This is a reely punny happy birthday card for somebody that loves fish puns and has an anyfin goes attitude! Also available as a sticker and art print..

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