19 Punny Birthday Gift Ideas and Pun Gifts For Your Boyfriend


Punny gift ideas for your boyfriend.

A gift for your boyfriend should be fun and heartfelt. Here as an apundance of unique and punny gift ideas, perfect for any guy that loves a good, or bad, pun ūüėČ Most of these pun-intended jokes can come in the form of a pun t shirt, hoodie, mug, sticker, iphone case, galaxy case, ipad case, prints, pillow, bag, notepad and of course.. a birthday card! The options are punlimited!

For the handsome:

Hamsome Guy pun gift for him

That is one HAMsome guy! Don’t let your gift be a boar! This delightful pig pun is the perfect classy pun gift for any guy. Available in so many formats: t shirt, hoodie, greeting card, iphone case, galaxy case, iPad skin, mug, pillow, bag, pouch sticker, notebook.. basically anything you can get your hoofs on!

For the sleeveless guy:

Abolish Sleevery

Abolish Sleevery! This Abraham Lincoln pun is available as a tank top (obviously!) but also a t shirt, hoodie, greeting card, iphone case, galaxy case, iPad skin, pillow, bag, sticker, or notebook. It’s the perfect prez-ent.

For the cool boyfriend:

Dill With It

Just dill with it. Cool as a cucumber! ¬†A funny t shirt or hoodie with a pun, worthy for any boyfriend that’s salad as a rock!

For the gym-nut:

Gym Squat You Must Star Wars pun

Squat you must. Skip leg day you don’t. This pun is available as a t shirt or hoodie – he’ll can’t hardly weight¬†to put it on. The perfect gym shirt for any Star Wars fan.

For the 80s music / Kung Fu fan:

Every Bunny was Kung Fu Fighting pun

Every bunny was Kung Fu Fighting! Their hops were fast as lightning. This pun can be of-fur-red as a t shirt or hoodie – perfect for anybody that likes 80s stuff, Kung Fu.. or bunnies!

For your handyman:

This Is Not a Drill pun

This is not a drill… but it’s a good boyfriend birthday gift for the handyman of the house! Give him this t shirt or hoodie for some nail bonding.

For the profanity fan:

F-Bomb pun funny paperweight

The F Bomb! It’s never easy dropping truth bombs in the office. But “f” bombs? Always explosive fun! The recycled steel sculpture lightens up desk-side chats and tough conversations with a delightfully abstract expletive appropriate for any fk*n situation!

For the cannabis enthusiast:

Kiss Me I'm Highish marijuana pun

Kiss Me, I’m Highish! You might mariju-wanna get this poster as a gift to compliment the decor of any weed aficionado.

For the rural-at-heart:

Keepin it Rural farm pun

It’s easy being green if you keep it rural! This poster compliments the decor of any cottage or rural household as a reminder of the serene escape of urban life.

For the Pablo Escobar or Simpsons fan:

Pablo Escobar The Simpsons Pun tshirt

Pablo Escobart – the most dangerous little trouble maker there is! Everything’s comin’ up Pablo! Available as a t shirt or hoodie.

For the gamer:

Control Freak gamer pun

Control freak! The power is in your hands. Let him know you’re the perfect game-her! Available as a t shirt or hoodie.

For the businessman:Nailed it desk organizer

Time to grab a puncil.. it’s the Nailed It Desk Organizer! He’ll have no problem hitting it off at the office with this quirky spring-loaded desk accessory.¬†Each piece is handmade out of recycled steel and salvaged tool parts. And the best part – it works as a real hammer! It’s business with a bang!

For the aloof-at-times guy:

Zero Fox Given pun

Zero Fox Given! Available as a t shirt or hoodie. When it’s time to find something creative for his birthday, make sure you think outside the fox.

For the Big Lebowski fan:

The Big Meowski Lebowski pun t shirt

The Big Meowski. Who’s a good dude?? This cat is! A creative punny gift for your boyfriend’s birthday if he loves The Big Lebowski and puns.. this t shirt is purrfect for him!

For the Heavy Metal fan:

Metallica Pun Kill 'em All album

A happy birthday card gift idea for the hardcore Metallica fan! The birthday cake pun from the album Kill ‘Em All is one-of-a-kind. Seek & Destroy every other present!

For the crude jokester:

Have a Ball Testicle Pun for Birthday

It’s Your Birthday, Have a Ball. Make sure they’re not testi on their special day and get them this funny birthday card. Also available as a t shirt, shirt, skin, wall art, mug, pillow, bag and stationary.

For the fun guy:

Fun Guy Funghai pun

A Funghai pun for the fun guy! Great for year ’round so get a matching tshirt, hoodie, case, skin, wall art, pillow, mug, bag, sticker or notebook!

For the beer fan:

Happy Beerthday card pun

Happy Beerthday card! This beer pun funny happy birthday card can also be made as a t shirt, shirt, case, pillow mug, bag, sticker, or notebook.

Fish Out of Lager Pun

Get somefin original and complement a birthday card with this “Fish Out of Water” pun available as a t shirt or hoodie. Your boyfriend will think it’s jawssome!

Honorable mention:

These are pundamentally fun boyfriend birthday gift ideas as well:

Presidential Beach Pun:

Abe Watch Abe Lincoln pun t shirt

I know I already listed an Abe Lincoln pun above – but with this Baywatch pun t shirt, I had to make shore to acknowledge it.

For the Christopher Walken admirer:

I’m Walken on Sunshine. Imagine him saying those lyrics in his Christopher Walken voice.. Needs more cowbell as well! The punny gift is available as a t shirt and hoodie.

For the obscene and nostalgic boyfriend:

Blow Me Nintendo pun t shirt

A superb Nintendo NES reference! Extra bonus points that the tagline is written below the game. The punny gift is available as a t shirt and hoodie.

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