19 Punny Birthday Gift Ideas and Pun Gifts For Your Boyfriend


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Punny gift ideas for your boyfriend.

A gift for your boyfriend should be fun and heartfelt. Or should we say pun and heartfelt. If the lad in your life is an epic jokester then no doubt you’ll be wanting to get him something funny. Whether that is a neon sign with a light punchline (you can find those at www.neonfilter.com), a joke book, or even a fake present (google “obvious plant”, you’ll love the results)!

Here as an apundance of unique and punny gift ideas, perfect for any guy that loves a good, or bad, pun 😉 Most of these pun-intended jokes can come in the form of a pun t shirt, hoodie, mug, sticker, iphone case, galaxy case, ipad case, prints, pillow, bag, notepad and of course.. a birthday card! The options are punlimited! Those wanting to go down the clothing route should definitely consider custom hoodies on which to print these puns – custom clothing makes a great gift because the possibilities really are endless for what you can create. Additionally, some people might like to purchase their boyfriends another fun gift, such as one of these Custom bobblehead dolls. They’re fun gifts and they’re also special as they are personalized with the face of whoever you’re gifting them to.

For the handsome:

Hamsome Guy pun gift for him

That is one HAMsome guy! Don’t let your gift be a boar! This delightful pig pun is the perfect classy pun gift for any guy. Available in so many formats: t shirt, hoodie, greeting card, iphone case, galaxy case, iPad skin, mug, pillow, bag, pouch sticker, notebook.. basically anything you can get your hoofs on!

For the sleeveless guy:

Abolish Sleevery

Abolish Sleevery! This Abraham Lincoln pun is available as a tank top (obviously!) but also a t shirt, hoodie, greeting card, iphone case, galaxy case, iPad skin, pillow, bag, sticker, or notebook. It’s the perfect pres-ent.

For the cool boyfriend:

Dill With It

Just dill with it. Cool as a cucumber! A funny t shirt or hoodie with a pun, worthy for any boyfriend that’s salad as a rock!

For the gym-nut:

Gym Squat You Must Star Wars pun

Squat you must. Skip leg day you don’t. This pun is available as a t shirt or hoodie – he’ll can’t hardly weight to put it on. The perfect gym shirt for any Star Wars fan.

For the 80s music / Kung Fu fan:

Every Bunny was Kung Fu Fighting pun

Every bunny was Kung Fu Fighting! Their hops were fast as lightning. This pun can be of-fur-red as a t shirt or hoodie – perfect for anybody that likes 80s stuff, Kung Fu.. or bunnies!

For your handyman:

This Is Not a Drill pun

This is not a drill… but it’s a good boyfriend birthday gift for the handyman of the house! Give him this t shirt or hoodie for some nail bonding.

For the pirate fanatic:

If yarr man likes pirates, then this pi-rate pun shirt is 3.14him!

For the Bruce Willis fan:

Tell your man he should pecan somebody his own size! He’ll definitely Pie Hard when he sees this pie pun. Available as a t-shirt, hoodie, sticker, and mug.

For the subtle boaster:

My Puns are Koala Tea! The t-shirt is silk screened and made in the USA and available here on Amazon. Get it? Amazon? But it really is though…

For the plaid fanatatic:

Check out this gift idea for your man, he’ll be plaid you got him this t-shirt! Also available in women’s so you can match.

For the dim sum fan:

It would be soy great of you to get this t-shirt if he loves dim sum!

For the rump-lover:

He knows that you’ve got a fine dairy-erre, so you should get him this Butter pun available as a t-shirt, hoodie, and mug!

For the aloof guy:

Zero Fox Given pun

Zero Fox Given! Available as a t shirt or hoodie. When it’s time to find something creative for his birthday, make sure you think outside the fox.

For the Heavy Metal fan:

Metallica Pun Kill 'em All album

A happy birthday card gift idea for the hardcore Metallica fan! The birthday cake pun from the album Kill ‘Em All is one-of-a-kind. Seek & Destroy every other present!

For the crude jokester:

Have a Ball Testicle Pun for Birthday

It’s Your Birthday, Have a Ball. Make sure they’re not testi on their special day and get them this funny birthday card. Also available as a t shirt, shirt, skin, wall art, mug, pillow, bag and stationary.

For the fun guy:

Fun Guy Funghai pun

A Funghai pun for the fun guy! Great for year ’round so get a matching tshirt, hoodie, case, skin, wall art, pillow, mug, bag, sticker or notebook!

For the beer fan:

Happy Beerthday card pun

Happy Beerthday card! This beer pun funny happy birthday card can also be made as a t shirt, shirt, case, pillow mug, bag, sticker, or notebook. You might also want to consider buying them some promotional brewery merchandise as well if they have a favourite beer.

Fish Out of Lager Pun

Get somefin original and complement a birthday card with this “Fish Out of Water” pun available as a t shirt or hoodie. Your boyfriend will think it’s jawssome!

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