Pun Costumes That Will Make You Win Halloween 2017

Pun Costumes for Halloween 2017

Pun costumes are always both clever and funny. These punny Halloween costumes for 2017 include ideas for guys and for women that are hilarious, creative and awesome. Pun costumes are so great, they should be the ghoul-of-thumb at all Halloween parties.

Ronald Mc-Donald:

Donald Trump clown pun costume halloween Halloween Costumes logoLots of clowning around when it comes to the current President. Combine this clown costume with this Trump wig and some bronzed tan cake makeup to make one of the most whimsical political pun costumes of 2017. Orange you glad you saw this idea?

The Walking Dad:

The Walking Dead pun Walking dad halloween costume

If there’s a funny Halloween costumes prize to be won at the party.. you’ll get the Medal of Father with this pun costume idea! Combine the Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit from Amazon or some amazing accessories or zombie gear from HalloweenCostumes.com with an inexpensive baby doll to create a unique punny Halloween costume! The design is also available at BetterThanPants.com as a t-shirt. 

Fred Flin-stoned:

Fred Flinstoned pun costume Halloween Costumes logoGanja-see that a pun costume is awesome? Celebrate the onset of weed dispensaries across North America! Combine a Fred Flintstone costume and a rasta hat with dreadlocks or a Cheech & Chong outfit to make a Fred Flinstoner!

Spam Email Pun Costume:

Spam email pun costume halloween

Halloween Costumes logo Nigerian Prince investment opportunity? Viagra or Cialis offering to solve your problem? Russian Brides looking for romance? Watches or gold to purchase? Combine this Spam costume and attach some email clichés to make an original pun Halloween costume idea. You know, in order to have one of the most clever and funny pun costumes, you have to think outside the inbox

Bubble Rapper:

Bubble Rapper halloween costume clever pun

Halloween Costumes logo

Combine this bubble wrap suit along with some rapper accessories to create a clever Halloween costume that will have everybody at the party take an extra second to get the punny joke. ..  and if there’s a prize, it would definitely bling home the bacon.

Crash Test Mummy:

Crash Test Mummy halloween costume pun Halloween Costumes logoCombine this Crash Test Dummy suit along with this mummy costume to create a clever Halloween pun that is sure to delight the best pun lovers out there. You’ll have to mummy launder all the compliments you get!


zombee pun costume halloween Halloween Costumes logoIt’s buzz-are to think someone can go to a Halloween party without a creative and funny pun costume. As luck would hive it, this bee and zombie pun costume idea will pollen many praises. 

Happy Camper:

Happy Camper pun halloween costume funnyamazon

Immature? Maybe. But what happy camper isn’t? If there was an erection for the best pun costume – this one would be among the top.

Black Sheep Pun:

black sheep pun halloween costume


Wear this Halloween costume from Amazon and you can drink, smoke, and be as bahhh-d as you want at the party and still play the part!

Deviled Egg pun:

Egg pun halloween costume

Halloween Costumes logo

An Eggcellent idea for a punny halloween costume would be to combine this egg costume with some devil accessories from HalloweenCostumes.com

Runny Nose:

Runny Nose pun costume halloween Halloween Costumes logoAthletic pun costumes are few and far between! This runny nose pun halloween costume will run you to first place as best costume at the party.  

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