10 Pun Gifts for Geeks, Nerds, and IFLS Fans

Geek geeky pun punny gifts

Gifts for geeks and for people that love the funny side of science.

If you can’t get enough of IFLS (“I Fucking Love Science”), or you understand the science lingo in the Big Bang Theory, or you’re just a lovable nerd, then you’ll love these geek hoodies and t-shirts. If you are wondering when you’re going to use some of the stuff you learned in science class in the real world, here is your chance! Everyone should own at least one apparel with a science pun… after all, we’re all from the same 3rd Rock From the Pun!

For the devious geek:

Never Trust an Atom Science Pun

Never Trust an Atom.. They Make Up Everything! It’s also hard to know where they are and where they’re going. If you have one atom of humor, you’ll love this geek hoodie or t-shirt.

For the optimist:

Electron pun

I Lost an Electron! Are You Positive? Perfect science pun t-shirt or hoodie for someone that may or may not have negative electricity!

For the dramatic:

Youre Overreacting chemistry pun

You’re Overreacting! Among the best gifts for geeks that like to come up with solutions. Available in men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt, kids, and also as a hoodie.

For the mathematical:

Pi Be Rational math pun

Get Real. Be Rational. Wearing a smart pun gift of a geeky hoodie or t-shirt is unique, funny, and delivers math hysteria.

These Freudian Slippers:

Freudian Slippers

Spending a relaxing Sunday morning in your Freudian Slippers is as satisfying as a breakthrough therapy session – and considerably less expensive. They also come in an attractive gift box and make a great gift for anyone in therapy (or needing therapy) – which is pretty much everyone you know.

For the writer:

Thesaurus Dinosaur pun

Little unknown fact: The Thesaurus dinosaur was the first dork of the Jurassic period. This dinosaur pun for the literates comes in a t-shirt and hoodie, ready to be part of your fav attire, apparel, clothing, garb, regalia, garment, outfit, costume, dress….

For the astute:

Mount Cleverist geek pun t shirt

Mount Cleverest! Keeping things lighthearted elevates your lifespan… like the mountain of youth! This clever nerd pun is available as a t-shirt, hoodie, iphone case, galaxy case, ipad case, laptop skin, laptop sleeve, mug, bag, greeting card and ever more!

For the chemistry buffs:

Chemistry pun

Chemists and chemistry buffs are funny people just looking for a little appreciation. You’re a gas all right, a noble gas. As for bad puns, I suggest you barium. Wear this tee or hoodie and keep looking for that positive reaction.

For the comp-humor:

Escape key pun

He’s out of Ctrl!!! I guess he was board in prison. This escape key pun is available as a breakout t shirt and hoodie.

For Rocket Scientists and Brain Surgeons:

Rocket Surgery geek pun

It’s Not Rocket Surgery. It’s a series of tubes! Available as a t shirt and hoodie for that surgeon regard!

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