Punny Gifts for Your BFF Birthday

Pun Gifts BFF

Punny BFF Gifts for Her Birthday

Finding the perfect gift for your BFF can be a little challenging. Things like these custom photo socks make a really fun, cute gift but, for some friends, you’ll have your little inside jokes and things that are so unique to you, they should be celebrated. It could be a favourite song you two share – funny or serious. In which case you could get her a Custom spotify plaque to symbolize it. It all really depends on what your friend like and their sense of humor, luckily for us our friends love puns, and whether it’s an onesie with a little bitty wabbit on it when she’s ready to hop into bed, or a kitten shirt calling her a future cat lady, you can find the best gift for your BFF. There can be no end to the list, and that is why, it is high time that you get something curated especially for your BFF, so that they remember you, whenever they wear it! You can check here for a few options that you could consider.

For now, here’s a list of BFF shirts with a pun and other punny BFF gifts to get for your best friend for her birthday. Some are as low as $3, so you don’t have to s-pun-d a lot of money.

The bitchy girl:

Basic birch BFF pun gift

The Basic Birch! This funny pun gift for your best friend will be in-tree-guing to any girl with an attitufe . She won’t beleaf how nice you’ll be to give her this t-shirt or hoodie for her birthday.

For the besties:

This best-teas pun is perfect for the best friend that’s never smug.

For the wine enthusiast:

Time to Wine Down pun shirt

Time to Wine Down! Go the whole wine yards and get this t shirt gift for your BFF. It’s a very ac-sip-table pun gift.

For the wine enthusiast again:

Be Kind, please re-wine pun t-shirt

Be kind, please re-wine.Grape minds think alike. No girl should have to pour her own wine.

For the weight watcher:

How I Cut Carbs pizza pun

How I Cut Carbs! It looks as dough this might be the perfect pun gift for your pizza-loving BFF.

For the future crazy cat lady:

Youve Got to be Kitten me pun shirt

You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me, it’s pawssible. Offur your BFF this punny tshirt for her birthday. She’ll be feline fine.

For nostalgic Golden Girls fan:

Golden Girls Pun card

For the friend you’re stone gold crazy about, get this punny birthday card that makes reference to the 90s hit show the Golden Girls theme song. Check out the artist’s work to find more funny Golden Girls double entendres.

For the empowered woman:


These deliciously strong peppermints are formulated to give you an extra boost when the going gets rough. Empowermints come in an inspiring mint-condition reusable tin and are only $3!

For the throwback girl:

she-read-shera pun shirt

This vintage pun t shirt comes from the She-Ra cartoon series from our childhood. Perfect birthday gift for any girl that grew up in the 80s and 90s, loves puns, a little geeky, and likes to go by the book.

For the sassy girl:


This Bigfoot pun tshirt is a punny birthday gift for the best friend that breaks through the sass-ceiling everywhere she goes.

For the kitty kat girl:

Purrthday Girl cat birthday pun

It’s pawsible that this cat pun gift will be the best present of the year! Available as a t-shirt, tank top, crewneck, hoodie, kids sizes, mug, tote bag, sticker and more!

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